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Linde Case Study

How to achieve a Sustainable DevOps Pipeline with Quality Clouds

Linde's team was manually reviewing errors and drowning in technical debt. After working with Quality Clouds, they can now focus on building and innovating. See how we improved their Salesforce platform and how to apply those learnings to your own company.  


Is a Sustainable DevOps Pipeline possible? Yes!

Quality Clouds has freed up countless hours for Linde’s team. They now spend more time building and innovating rather than manually reviewing errors. Being able to reduce the technical debt by easily identifying critical issues has led to their pipeline remaining agile and efficient. Simple and quick monitoring of their configuration means quality issues are found before they get into production, which is when they start to have serious cost implications.

Who is this case study for?

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Accelerate the development process with your current team

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Prevent technical debt, manage security and attain transparency

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Release Managers

Keep your release dates flexible and support more parallel projects

Fortune 500 companies, major pharmaceuticals, and the largest financial corporations in the world trust Quality Clouds to accelerate SaaS deployments in an easy and reliable way.

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